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Setting up an SV Wrestling Site Account
by posted 09/21/2014


Setting Up an SV Wrestling Account

You can set up your own account upon registering your wrestler for the season.  Simply click on the orange "Register Now" button to begin the registration process.  When you are finished with registration, you will simply visit the site, click "Sign In" on the top right corner, fill in the email address you used during registration, and hit "Reset Password."  The system will walk you through setting up a password of your choice.

If you are not registering a wrestler, are new to this SV Wrestling site, and feel you need an account, please send an email to Melissa Smith at smith_melissa@bah.com from the email you want your account set to. In the Subject line, simply say "Account Setup". You should receive an email within 1-3 days announcing your account has been set up and providing instructions for creating your password.

You will need an account to volunteer for events in the system, check the status of payments made, and other administrative items.

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